Pitcher Dominance Rating – Playoff Edition

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Analysis by Josh Collacchi

As fantasy baseball players, we always look for the next thing. Everyone knows about pitching ERA, and WHIP, and wins, strikeouts and even quality starts for those in custom leagues.

Some advanced players even know a lot about BABIP (batting average per balls in play), ground ball rate, fly ball rate, line drive rate, xFIP and many other pitching sabermetrics that can help us make informed decisions.

Introducing Pitcher Dominance Rating, or PDR is a ProjectRoto exclusive. What this shows you is how well is a pitcher really pitching. It takes into account all kinds of numbers, some that we can, but some that we cannot share with you, yet the outcome shows some interesting facts. Add this number to your research when preparing for daily fantasy, seasonal fantasy, and even dynasty fantasy leagues.

Stay tuned for an updated chart each and every week, exclusively on ProjectRoto.

As you can see, BABIP, LD%, GB%, and FB% have been added for your convenience (thanks to FanGraphs.com for those numbers).

Without further ado, this weeks’ PDR. Remember to use this while doing research for your daily leagues, seasonal leagues, and even dynasty leagues.

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